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AB 170- Air Quality Element

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AB 170 (Reyes, 2003) requires each city and county within the jurisdictional boundaries of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to either adopt an air quality element or amend appropriate elements of their general plan to include data and analysis, comprehensive goals, policies, and feasible implementation strategies to improve air quality.  These amendments are required no later than one year from the next revision of the housing element that occurs after June 1, 2004 and must be submitted to the Air District for review and comment.  The contents of the element or amendments must include:

  • A report describing local air quality conditions, including air quality monitoring data, emission inventories, lists of significant source categories, attainment status and designations, and applicable State and Federal air quality plans and transportation plans.
  • A summary of local, district, State, and Federal policies, programs, and regulations that may improve air quality in the city or county.
  • Goals, policies, and objectives that may improve air quality.
  • Feasible implementation measures designed to carry out those goals, policies, and objectives.

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