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Land Subdivision

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The Subdivision Map Act regulates the division of land in California.  The Act requires that all land divisions be approved by the city or county in which they are located.  Each city and county must adopt a subdivision ordinance regulating land division consistent with the requirements of the Act.  Tentative subdivision or parcel maps must be submitted to a city or county for review, approval, and recordation.  Subdivision maps, which are required for land divisions resulting in five or more parcels, must include a broad range of detailed information, including parcel lay out, streets, sidewalks, drainage, utilities, grading, parks, and all other improvements associated with the subdivision.  Numerous conditions of approval can be attached to the approval of a subdivision map that address: school, park, or traffic fees; bike paths and transit facilities; solar access; and many other related issues.   Parcel maps, which are required for land divisions of four or fewer parcels, generally contain less detailed information and are typically subjected to a simpler review process and fewer conditions of approval.  All land divisions must be consistent with the general plan, zoning code, and, if applicable, a specific plan covering the subject area. 

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