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The Valley Blueprint Planners Toolkit is a unique web-based collaborative and interactive planning resource focused on communities in the San Joaquin Valley.  However, the Planners Toolkit is not the only planning-related toolkit available.  Many other organizations have developed resources that focus on particular community sizes, community types, or topics.  These resources supplement and expand on the information provided in the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planners Toolkit.

Other Online Planning-Related Toolkits:

Equitable Development Toolkit
A toolkit with 27 tools divided into four subject areas that can be used to help prevent displacement, promote equitable revitalization and create vibrant communities of opportunity: affordable housing, health and place, economic opportunity, and land use and environment.

Action Strategies for Healthy Communities
Leadership for Healthy Communities
Policy and program strategies for promoting active living and healthy eating opportunities for youth.

The Community Toolbox
University of Kansas Work Group for Community Health and Development
A toolbox that focuses on community outreach and planning efforts, including creating coalitions, assessing community needs, developing action plans, implementing social marketing, and writing grant applications for funding.

Tools for Success
Rural Assistance Center
A general resource with links to tools focusing on a broad range of community development subject areas, including business development, infrastructure improvements, city planning, environmental concerns, and social institutions.

Successful Communities Online Toolkit
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and Sonoran Institute
A resource with tools organized under eight best practices for successful communities: visioning, cultural and natural resource assets, health and safety, regional cooperation and infrastructure, energy, fiscal responsibility and social equity, urban form, and climate resilience planning.
Sustaining Rural Places Toolkit
Sierra Business Council
Tools for protecting environmental resources through collaborative solutions, with a focus on conservation easements, watershed tools, public participation, and land use planning.
Sustainability Planning Toolkit
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
A step-by-step guide for communities of all sizes looking to develop a sustainability plan that brings together environmental, economic, and social initiatives.  (Only for ICLEI member local governments).
Sustainable Communities Resource Center
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Strategies for economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable communities organized under six subject areas: rural, tribal, and small town sustainability; housing and transportation choice; economic competitiveness; green building; regional planning; and healthy communities.
Cool California Climate Action Planning Toolkit
California Air Resources Board, Next 10, and Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory
Provides a six step approach to climate action planning.
Climate Tools
Consolidates climate change data and provides local snapshots of projected climate change impacts for temperature, snow pack, precipitation, sea level rise, and wildfires.
Emergency Preparedness Toolkit
US Department of Health and Human Safety
Focuses on emergency planning preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation as described under five facets of emergency issues: transportation, communication, medical care, supervision, and maintaining independence.
Rural Transportation Planning
Federal Highway Administration
Resources for transportation planning, including information on travel pattern studies, transportation alternatives, and coordination and funding of rural transportation strategies.
Urban Forest Management Plan Toolkit
California Urban Forests Council and the Inland Urban Forest Council
Tools for managing large populations of trees within urban areas. 
Baltic Climate Toolkit
BalticClimate Team
Steps to address both climate change mitigation and adaptation, with a particular detail on the steps involved in local planning for climate change.

Smart Growth/Smart Energy Toolkit
Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
A toolkit with strategies for achieving:
1)    development that is compact and mixed use, includes a range of housing types, preserves open space, provides a variety of transportation choices, and strengthens existing communities, and
2)    energy use that is renewable and efficient, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, promotes green building, and generated locally.

Local Government Tools and Resources by Subject
Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington
Resources for a variety of topics organized under the subjects of economic development, environment, health and human services, parks and recreation, planning, public safety, public works, and transportation.

Planning Tool Kit
Washtenaw County, SEMCOG, and the Michigan Association of Planning
A toolkit that provides a number of tools for promoting rural character; a sense of community; opportunities for cultural expression, health care, and jobs; and a green future.

Quality Growth Toolbox

Envision Central Texas

A toolbox that focuses on transportation-efficient land use planning, transit-oriented development, compact development, alternative mode support strategies, and natural resource preservation.  The toolbox also includes examples of coordinating and integrating these strategies into processes, plans, and functional assignments.

Innovative Land Use Planning Techniques: A Handbook for Sustainable Development (October 2008)
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions, New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning, and New Hampshire Local Government Center
Strategies for sustainable development at both the zoning and site level s of design.
Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction (PAS Report No. 483/484): A Planner’s Tool Kit (1998)
American Planning Association
Strategies for hazard mitigation and post-disaster recovery organized under emergency, planning, zoning, subdivision, design, financial, and management tools. Includes a model recovery and reconstruction ordinance.
Cultural Planning Toolkit (2010)
2010 Legacies Now and Creative City Network of Canada
A nine step guide to cultural planning that addresses preparation, research, analysis, organization, plan writing, public outreach, launch, and implementation. Includes a guide for selecting and hiring a consultant for cultural planning.
Cultural Planning Toolkit (2007)
Cities Institute
Information and examples for addressing multiple types of cultural resources, including parks and recreation, arts and culture, and cultural mapping.



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