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Specific Plan

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The specific plan is a planning tool typically used to plan a particular portion of a city or county.  Often a specific plan is used by a public agency to implement the general plan in selected areas of the community requiring special planning attention.  A specific plan is also used by private property owners to plan large land areas, particularly where there are multiple owners. A specific plan can be prepared for a single parcel or multiple parcels.  A specific plan must be consistent with the general plan and must address, at a minimum, all of the following topics for the geographic area covered by the plan: a description of the relationship between the specific plan and general plan; land use; streets and transportation; sewer, water, and drainage infrastructure; solid waste disposal and energy facilities; development standards and criteria; conservation and use of natural resources; implementation regulations and programs; required public works projects; and a financing plan.  A specific plan may include zoning districts and provisions unique to the plan area or rely on the existing zoning provisions.  

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