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Community Land Trust

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A community land trust (CLT) is a private non-profit community organization that safeguards land in order to provide affordable housing opportunities. CLTs acquire properties through market purchase and/or land donations. The land trust retains the title to the land while selling homes on it at below-market value. The CLT keeps the price of homes affordable by separating the price of the house from the cost of the land. The land is leased at a nominal cost (often $1) through a ground lease.

Housing Trust Fund

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Housing trust funds are established by city, county, or state governments to financially support the preservation and production of affordable housing, and to increase opportunities for low-income families and individuals to access decent homes.  Local housing trust funds are established by elected government bodies when a source or sources of public revenue are dedicated, by ordinance or law, to a distinct fund with the express and limited purpose of providing affordable housing.

Inclusionary Housing

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Inclusionary housing is a local policy requiring that market-rate residential developments include  a certain amount of affordable housing. While some inclusionary housing policies are mandatory and others voluntary, the goal of all inclusionary housing programs is to establish a relatively permanent stock of affordable rental or ownership housing.