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Economic Vitality

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Applicable Community Size

When land is developed new costs are incurred by the municipal government in order to provide additional services and infrastructure to that development. Such services include the expansion of fire protection, libraries, schools, policing, and emergency services, just to name a few. A variety of infrastructure costs are also incurred, such as the provision of water, sewer and roads. A fiscal impact analysis helps to determine whether or not the flow of new tax revenues from a new development will balance out the incurred costs.

Market Feasibility Analysis

Applicable Community Size

A Market Feasibility Analysis determines the likelihood that a proposed land use or development will fulfill the objectives of a particular investor or community. For example, a feasibility study for a proposed housing subdivision should:

Economic Development Strategies

Applicable Community Size

Economic development strategies are concerted approaches on the part of a city or county to influence the direction of private sector investment toward opportunities that can lead to sustained economic growth within or supportive of that jurisdiction.