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GIS Mapping Data Sources

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GIS is a critical tool for planners; however, access to detailed, up-to-date data layers can be difficult to find.  GIS can be used to understand community landscapes in many different planning functions and in a variety of applications.  In order to create informative maps and conduct useful analysis, planners need access to a range of data sets that provide information on a variety of topics and issue areas.  Several national and state agencies have risen to meet this  challenge and  now maintain GIS data centers that include downloadable mapping files and associ

Scenario Planning

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GIS Mapping/Modeling Techniques

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has revolutionized the world of mapping. GIS allows us to link endless amounts of information to a specific geographic location and helps us answer questions and solve problems by looking at data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared.  GIS does this by organizing information into categories and then placing each category in a separate map layer. The layers are then overlaid to produce a composite map showing the relationship between the layers.